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I tell bands I work with they have a choice. They can have wedges at a reasonable level, and I’ll show them what that level is, or they must move to ears. There is no other choice. When a wedge gets too loud it starts bleeding into every mic on stage and just shoots the house mix all to he!! I’ll tell them if they don’t care what it sounds like to the audience they should go back to their garage and annoy their neighbors.

I’ve just made the jump to digital…I started with a Shure VocalMaster system back in 1969 and learned this stuff the old fashioned way, but I tell you, this is one of the most difficult transitions I’ve had to make. You take for granted the analog simplicity of hearing something wrong and instinctively grabbing a knob to correct it. I thank heaven the band I work primarily with now is comfortable with ears…it makes things a lot easier! I play trumpet, sing backup, do lights, and run sound, all from stage, so I’m kept pretty busy!