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Wow! GCumbee gave you a short course in audio tech in 3 paragraphs! Well, not really, but it was helpful advice. And DR linked you to a good basic article, but realize (as he does) that it was written for an analog console. Things like EQ, dynamics, and effects work differently on a digital console. He warned you about “crossing streets.”

The total breadth of knowledge required for a competent audio tech is quite large. Don’t feel bad if you’re having problems. While you may be able get the system hooked up and working, there is still a great deal of knowledge needed to operate the system properly.

Since you need to get running quickly, you should seek help from a local retailer who has a good techie on staff, and agree to pay him if necessary, or check with a local church to see if you can find a skilled audio tech, as has been suggested. However, be careful, for many lay audio techs have simply been trained to operate their system and may not know all the technical details needed for your situation. He may be learning along with you, and that can be frustrating.

The QU series has become quite popular, so it is possible that you could find another church using one, and the operators may be able to give you some good suggestions.

If your church is part of an association, the staff there may be able to recommend an installer or someone else who can be of help.

For the longer term, it is critical to read the A&H manual thoroughly. The mixer is complicated enough that you won’t just be able to “figure it out.” Audio technology is the same way. You need to find a good book written for live sound engineers. You’ll find several on, and I’m hoping my contribution here will cause others on the forum to send you some recommendations. You might find some books in a local library that will help you select the one you feel is best for you. You should have your own copy, however, as it will take some time to learn what is needed, and you may have to refer back to it from time to time.

Of course, on the internet you can find helpful resources by querying for specific issues that you encounter, but it is fairly time-consuming and may be narrowly-focused. A book that covers the entire arena in a coordinated fashion is probably more helpful. Most books were written for analog consoles (all the ones I know about), but try to find one written in this era of digital mixers.

One more possibility – WFX is being held in Nashville in November. They offer hands-on training for sound operators. You might look into that option, too.

You need external help for the short term, but don’t ignore the long-term need for knowledge to keep your system operating properly and maximize its potential.