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Hey, thanks for sharing your experience! i am using a windows 10 MSI GS60 with intel i7, it has an SSD as well and i am recording and playing back from the SSD. DAW i am using is Sonar x3, i have another audio interface a scarlett 18i8 and it seems worked fine without these problems.

I have tried another similar latency monitoring tool but doesn’t seem to show any spike when the problem occurs. i will tried the latencymon the next time. I have an older laptop in the past which faced serious dropout issues with my Focusrite Saffire pro40 and was fixed by disabling lots of devices in the device manager including wifi, gpu and a bunch of other non essential stuff but in my case with this MSI GS60 it doesnt seem to dropout when the problem occurs and it slowly fixes itself after a period of time

I’ve read about the cable needing to be lesser than 2m but I dont think length of the cable is causing this specific problem as i have used the same cable with another laptop and it worked fine without any issues in fact the multitracks i tried to playback were recorded with that other computer with the qu-16.

so i believe this is an issue with this specific computer, probably some settings or some driver issue but i just cant pinpoint the exact source of the problem.