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Something I have found to work out well is to copy all of your information off of the drive and then do a full format of the drive in Windows. A quick format does not truly delete the data, it basically just tells the drive that there is nothing on it. A full format will go to each sector of the drive and write a zero to it. This should help reset a drive that is throwing errors.

My GLD was purchased about a year and a half ago and it reads USB 3.0 drives just fine. The drives do not perform at USB 3.0 speeds, but they will still perform at fast 2.0 speeds.

There is a little information on formatting the drives that I would like to share. Drives should be formatted as FAT32 in order to be read by the console. There is a 32gb limitation on the file system of formatting a FAT32 drive. The board does not seem to be able to recognize anything that is formatted differently. I did find a tool that was able to format a 64gb drive as FAT32 and while it did take longer than usual, the board read the drive and was able to write to it.

For any drive that you use in the GLD, make sure it is formatted as FAT32 and also try a full format as compared to a quick format to try and make a flash drive perform like new again.