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Sorry for the late reply but Mixing Station QU is reaching its final phase.
The app is currently tested by A&H as well as myself.

The complete Qu series will be supported, including the new Qu-Pac.
Following parameters can be access by the app:

  • For all channels: Fader, Mute, Preamps (USB, dSnake, local), Gate, PEQ, GEQ, Dynamics, Sends, names
  • Mutegroup and DCA assignments
  • RTA as overlay for the PEQ and GEQ
  • All meters

Due to the limitation of the Qu Midi protocol the following parameters cannot be changed:

  • Advanced dSnake routing
  • Output routing
  • FX parameters (except for tap delay time)
  • USB recorder
  • Only one(1) connection simultaneously!

Scene access is possible according to the documentation but not yet implemented.

General app features:

  • RTA overlay
  • RTA averaging
  • Customizable layers and channel colors
  • Unlimited DCA groups (iDCAs)
  • DCAs and iDCAs can be used as layer (similar to POP groups from midas)
  • Peak hold time for all meters with custom time
  • High contract mode for outdoor usage
  • Works on every Android device running Android 4.0 or newer.

Attached are some screenshots from the current beta.
I’ll keep you updated when there is a final release date.

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