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For the sake of helping anyone that may have this issue: I’ve had this happen several times and I routinely record for 1-2 hours at a time to USB. As you may know, the GLD is picky with its flash drives and won’t even recognize many. I have some kingston drives that work. After lots of recording time (50+ hours) it will occasionally throw these errors and sometimes cease to be recognized at all. When I plug it into a PC it says there’s an error, so I scan and fix it. Then it’s recognized again in the GLD. Best I can tell, flash memory has a certain level of durability, and after a sector is written to so many times it can begin to fail. Audio recording in WAV can be a higher demand, and over a long period of time the flash drive can have less sectors available for use (same goes for SSD drives after several hundred terabytes of writes). So yes, the easy fix is to get a new flash drive. But if you’re stubborn, you may be able to scan for errors and fix it on a PC until it dies for good.