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Hi Nicola

Thanx for this QU training tutorial, awesome tool to have for newbee’s in training.

I edited each tutorial by adding “Play/Pause” functionality in Soft Key 1,
plus “Next” (forward) and “Prev” (reverse) in Soft Key 2 & 3 respectfully
in Scenes & “Stored” (saved) them in the Scenes Library Fixtures.
This is very useful & helps to pause the tutorial & go through the lesson in your own time,
with the aid of pausing, resuming, advances or going back to each 🙂

Hope to see more tutorials from A&H, & where can one obtain multi-track samples of artist/band sets?
I am finding it hard to locate Qu-Drive multi-track samples on the web, but I am sure (ZAP)Bob will
probably tell me to lay down my own tracks or record our own band samples for Q-Drive 🙂

Audiosure SA did give me one audio multi-track sample on purchasing my desk,
but it is driving my family up the wall with all the repetition/repeats 🙂