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Hi gang

Phil, no my audio problem doesn’t manifest like that. What I’m experiencing is like some kind of signal degradation effect has been strapped across the main outs which builds and builds until the audio just cuts out. I’ll have another go at getting a recording of it even if it is just through my iphone placed close to the headphones I am using.

[UPDATE – sample attached. please turn down your speakers!]

Andres, It is a desktop tower Mac. Programs/system on one internal HD, audio projects on a second internal HD, as has been recommended since the ’90s 🙂 Both HDs are nowhere near full.

Nicola, It is an older Mac running 10.5.8 and uses the standard Mac core audio protocol. Qu24 has the latest firmware V1.73 which came pre-installed as I only bought the unit home last week after it had to be ordered in from overseas.
(Tried attaching a photo of the firmware screen but it is larger than the allowable 1024kb)

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