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I’ve got the same issue. QU24 as well. I’ve been chatting with tech support with no resolve. I believe it is a latency issue. I’m ready to return the board as this seems to be ongoing and non fixable. I use Studio One v3 and also Samplitude Pro x2. Both after about 5-10 mins produce a buffer underrun and the audio slowly gets to a point where I have to reboot, turn off the board and start over. I’ve rebuilt my pc, all the drivers are up to date. I’m an IT sysadmin so I have a little knowhow but nothing I’m trying works. Ive tried Win7, 8.1 and 10. I’ve tried on laptops, and desktops with enough horsepower to run anything.
The best I can tell you is try downloading latencymon and seeing what it says. at least it will tell you what drivers are giving you the issue potentially. I’ve also tried the asio4all drivers and latencymon reports WAY less clips.
This happens with no plugs, loads of plugs, one track, 24 tracks etc. I’ve adjusted the buffer settings till I’m blue etc. Nothing seems to work for me.

Basically tech support has told me to adjust the latency in the driver to find a good balance. useless. nothing has worked. It has been ongoing for months. I’m pretty disappointed with A&H about this…their reputation was much better than this.
I’ve attached a clip recorded on my phone through my monitors to send to support, also sent a video.
Does yours sound like this?

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