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Just throwing my experience into the mix:

NOT COMPATIBLE: Western Digital My Book Studio 500 GB USB 2.0 / FireWire400/800 / eSATA Desktop External Hard Drive

Pity, as I have two of them.
Formatted the HD to FAT first using Disk Utility in Mac OSX 10.6.x (snow leopard)
When plugging into the Qu24 the light flashes quickly as if trying to read the HD but never connects.

Also have a 32GB (USB3) USB stick that formatted OK and was able to use as multitrack device but it lost so many bits of data that the playback was unuseable (luckily I was only recording ‘one two one two’ into each of the 18 input channels to test the device)

Am I correct in the understanding that most of the USB drives that are supported as multitrack devices are NOT self-powered?
I thought I read somewhere on the site that self-powered HDs were required. But all the latest ones listed are USB-powered.

for example: WD My Passport 500GB USB3.0

I can find in local outlets
WD 500GB My Passport for Mac Portable Hard Drive
WD My Passport Ultra 500GB Portable Hard Drive

Are these the same as the compatible model listed on the website?
I don’t want to waste $ I don’t have buying HDs I’ll never be able to use.

Thanks for any help!