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I’ve recently had an opportunity to use a Behringer X32, and I have to say that I really agree.

I’d gladly sacrifice an FX unit or two for the DSP required for something like:

It makes it really easy to dial the frequency across to “the bright red bit” and put a cut in 😉
It was a fairly coarse FFT – but it’s perfectly good enough for the job needed.

Until that happens I’m looking to use the Oxford Research spectrum analyser on my iPad…

The free version is probably enough for my needs – but I need to get it a decent signal. I’m wondering if the I can make the Alt-Out do the job, or prefereably the headphone output from my IEM transmitter, because the iPad is a bit wiggy about detecting inputs on the 3.5mm jack – it’s expecting a microphone, so it ignores devices of the wrong impedance.