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I think the setup is this:
the ZED-10 output goes in the 2 Input (XLR female) of the DBX PA2 and the FOH speaker in monitor goes either in the High, Mid or Low ?

No. There are 2 inputs to the PA2. Normally you’d use them for FOHL and FOHR. There are 3 outputs per side for use when you use the 3-way crossover functionality. Left-Lo, Left-Mid and Left-Hi. Same deal for the right. If you’re not using the crossover functionality (eg because you don’t have a sub/aren’t running bi-amped/tri-amped mains, your FOH speakers have their own XO network, as is the case with the K10s,) then you can just feed your FOHL speaker from the Left-Hi output, and your FOHR speaker from the Right-Hi output. Ignore the other 4 outputs. Perhaps it would help to think of them as inputs 1&2 and outputs 1L, 1M, 1H, 2L, 2M and 2H. If you’re running FOH from a mono source, you could use input1 and its associated outputs for FOH, and input2 and its associated outputs for your monitors.

On my QSC K10’s I have 2 Channel at the back of the speaker. If I use only one channel, does that mean I use only half of the 1000W specs of the speaker?

No. Look at a block diagram for the k10s. The two inputs are summed together before they get processed and XO’d, and only then do they hit the amplification stage.

Could you advise on how to hook up the K10 with the DBX PA2 knowing that there are high, mid and low output, assuming that these are for the speakers?

See above (or the PA2 manual/quickstart guide.) If not using the XO functionality, use the Left-Hi and Right-Hi outputs only, ignore the other ones.

If it’s not possible, would there be anyway to add input through a small box that would allow me to manage 3 K10 without having to get a second DBX PA2 ?

There isn’t if you want to maintain your stereo image. FOHL and FOHR are two different signals. They each need their own processor if they are to remain separate and be sent to two different speakers. If you wanted to crunch them together before the PA2 you could, and that would free up a PA2 channel to use for the stage monitor. If you know you don’t need the full functionality of a PA2 for the stage monitor (eg you don’t need an XO, and geq+peq + an AutoEq + a limiter + a line delay + and RTA etc,) then perhaps a stand alone peq/geq to knock out feedback would be a sensible compromise for your stage monitor.