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it might be a good idea to normalize your backing tracks against each other so that despite their different dynamic ranges

Thanks! I’ll do that in Cubase.

When you set up the compressor on the backing tracks, you set it with a threshold low enough such that it kicks in before the compressor on your guitar\mains kicks in

Brilliat Stuff! I had no idea you could that in real time… thanks!

By the way the guitar style are this:

Evening Program:

-Compression needed and soundcheck-
Set1 – Jazz standard with backing tracks (clean Gibson Style Input)
Set2 – Heavy Rock Fusion with Backing Tracks (High Gain)

Set3 – Solo Nylon Guitar without (Backing Track)

Remember it’s usually better to cut rather than boost.

Brilliant Tip, thanks!

It would be ideal if your monitor also had some processing on it too, however the PA2 only has 2 inputs

There is something I don’t understand about the DBX PA2 I/O. I thought the 2 inputs we’re for the mixer and the 3 sets of Output for the FOH speakers.


I/O list PA 2 x 6 PA Management
2 Input (XLR female)

2 Output (XLR male) for High
2 Output (XLR male) for Mid
2 Output (XLR male) for Low

I think the setup is this:
the ZED-10 output goes in the 2 Input (XLR female) of the DBX PA2 and the FOH speaker in monitor goes either in the High, Mid or Low ?

On my QSC K10’s I have 2 Channel at the back of the speaker. If I use only one channel, does that mean I use only half of the 1000W specs of the speaker?

Could you advise on how to hook up the K10 with the DBX PA2 knowing that there are high, mid and low output, assuming that these are for the speakers?

Maybe I can setup these input accordingly in the DBX PA2, configuring them as QSC K10 bypassing the high, mid and low original setup and plug in both channel of each K10 in the Left/Right of the output of the DBX PA2 ?

If it’s not possible, would there be anyway to add input through a small box that would allow me to manage 3 K10 without having to get a second DBX PA2 ?

Thank you