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For What its worth

I just use plain ordinary cat6E 50 metre runs of which I buy from a local tech store. all moulded polugs on the ends. Cheap $50 for a 50 meter run.
I have sets simply taped together. one has 3 runs and the other 2.
So I can configure either 3 QUs… or 2 with a laptoip to moinitor guy for text talk back or printer.
Also built in fast reduntancy!
Just treat the cable like the word *precious* from lord of the rings.
The cheapest multiucore I have ever had to carry around.
On saying that I always carry and leave in the van or truck an anologue snake.
However I noticed lately I have changed that system and carry spares of other QU stuff now.

so.. QUESTION to myself: if I only had just the one QU system “would I buy an expensive multi cat 5e wire” ?

mmm na I would probably buy another cheap cat 6E.

And I do tape the little ends of the cat5 or 6 cable before dragging tham along the ground 🙂

Since this is tagged as QU AR2412 General Discussion

I would like to see the ability to be able to use 2 X AR2412 on a QU32 though RATHER THAN a AR2408 and an AB1608 and have a few redundant sockets.