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Thanks Again cornelius.

There is a bunch of dbx DriveRack PA2 on Ebay. Do you think people are getting rid of them because they are no good? Or because it’s a tool for amateurs, hence a good start for me?

Would you have any advice on gear to start our setup for the given scenarios?

Any suggestions for doing the sound engineering for multiple backing tracks from different sources (variable mastering).
This must sound like a stupid question but I’ll try: does an EQ have the ultimate last word of making multiple backing tracks sound the same (in an evening program) and mix well with a guitar signal that would hypothetically remain on the same patch for all backing tracks (eleven rack guitar processor)?

Does this sounds like a good start (I have very limited knowledge in sound engineering)?
3 QSC K10
A&H ZED-10
dbx DriveRack PA2
882i Sonic Maximizer

AKG C1000S Mic for LIVE Flamenco Guitar Gig (any better suggestions for live Flamenco Guitar microphone?)

What would you suggest for a measurement mic for the AutoEQ of the dbx DriveRack PA2?

Any comments about the setup?
I would imagine this PA system would be for outdoor gig as well.

Thank you
Best Regards