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“Another vote for RCF … but in general as I’n not sure how to ‘match’ and speaker to a given board.”

Perhaps a bad choice of words on my part. By “Matching”, what I mean is, at the level of mixer that the QU-16 is what speakers are worth investing in? For example in recording studio’s purchasing high-end gear is a total waste if your monitoring system cannot translate the subtle and not so subtle differences that the gear can add to the system. Another way of looking at it is; would high-end speakers show the deficiencies of the QU’s preamps, EQ, comp, and effects? I hope that makes sense.

That being said, in regard to the RCF’s, is there a particular series/model that you would recommend? Two mains and a sub that once plugged in would say “Now that sound quality is noticeably better than my Yorkville NX55p’s and NX720p!” The PCQ K-series did not do that for me.