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I’m running a pair of LD Maui28 with an additional pair of subs (a total of four) for similar events and music and I just love them. They’re plain flat in any room (I’ve encountered so far) at any location and since they produce a cylindric wave I rarely have problems with room resonances, FOH feedback and similar.
Compared to the “original” (Bose L1) they sound somewhat more musical to me, something like the difference between a Japanese and a British desk… 😉
However they also have some shortages when used as a PA. Since the line array is fitted to the subwoofer you’re somewhat limited in your setup. Raising the array is simple with the additional subs placed below. But if they’re placed upon the stage, you’re probably missing the option to tilt them down into the audience. Placing some stiff rubber beneath the rear feet help a little.
And since that’s an array system, they need some distance (2-3m/6-10ft) to the audience to build up volume (for the same reason they can be used for local monitoring without terrifying your ears)
Similar systems are available from other vendors in various sizes.
If you’re looking for something portable and easy-to-setup (= little EQ, if at all) you may want to give them a try.