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For a live solo classical guitar scenario without backing tracks…
I do not understand how an effect could be sent differently from processing (Compression), from a single signal processing unit like the MX400. How is it possible that the Compression will be at the front of the chain and the Reverb at the end?

You daisy-chain the FX processors (side A and side B) within the MX400, eg the output of side A (compressor) feeds the input of side B (reverb.)

Further more, “feedback being a known issue” in stage monitors, is there anyway that I can, with my 3 QSC K10 setup, avoid feeding the stage monitor with Compression, but leaving other effect such as Reverb and Chorus (for solo classical guitar input mic to a channel).

An unconventional method (because you can’t un-assign channels from LR on the Zed10,) would be to do the following:

Mic into ch1, ch1 turned down in aux and LR, PFL ch1, feed MX400 side A from PFL bus. Side A set up as reverb and y-split its returns; one to spare stereo channel 1 on the Zed10, the other to side B of Mx400. Spare Stereo channel 1’s aux 1 send turned up for foldback, but not turned up in FOH. Side B (with compressor settings) of MX400 returns to spare stereo channel 2 on Zed10. This 2nd spare stereo channel is the only one that gets turned up in FOH. That way you get reverb only in your monitor, and reverb + compression in mains.

Does A&H ZED-10 ships to all country with the same POWER AC MAINS IN ~100 – 240V~ 47-63Hz 15W ?

TBH I’m not sure, I’ve never unboxed one. I do know that in some locals, the local distributors will unbox and re-pack with a local power cable. IME there are some companies (like Dell,) who ship their “international versions” of their products to Australia, and we end up with manuals in 5 different languages and at least 3 different power cables. You’re buying off ebay, who knows what you’ll get. I don’t know what things are like in Indonesia, but here in Australia you can buy a brand new power cable from a department store for about $5 AUD (because here we’re not allowed to simply chop the end off and fit a new plug, unless we get a licensed electrician to sign off on it (for which they know they can charge $$$,) despite the fact that some of us learned to do it when we were 10 and have managed not to set fire to anything… stupid protected industry… we also can’t legally crimp\install our own CAT5 cables without having got the relevant registration +endorsements (600 hours of approved supervised experience, exams + registration fees… but I digress…)

Do you think the Bezel would be in Japanese (I doubt)?
Also, what do you make of the 2010 date as a reference (from amazon) in the product description, was there any revision done to the ZED-10 since 2010?
Is there any issue that you see with that date?

I very much doubt the silk would be in Japanese. All the pictures I’ve seen on the internet all show a roman alphabet.

No idea re the 2010 date. I’m not overly familiar with the mixer, I’ve only used one a couple of times, I haven’t kept up with revisions like I do with digital mixers in terms of features added with new firmware. There might be some hardware difference, eg the new ARs for GLD/Qu are a differnt colour and now have locking XLRs, but with analogue equipment they tend to just release a new model with more buses, or an inbuilt FX processor etc, eg Zed10 > Zed10 FX > Zed 12 FX etc.