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Yeah done most of that, the integra is cycling through it’s demo mode. Everything each side of the Mixer, The synth and the amp speaker system are working, swap back to my old mixer and every thing is fine. That narrows the problem to just the Qu. So yes I know how to set my input gain, yes I know how to solo…But of course you had to ask 🙂 I get nothing from my headphones, yes they work, yes the headphone pot was turned up.

I know going by lights is not the best way but…and for me the big but is. If I can see a good input level, if the level is as expected all around the desk, if there is a solid signal on the LR output leds and I cant hear it…I either missed something, or the desk is not outputting audio.

Did that with the mic, just to do everything asked of me, and yes folk I do appreciate the help thanks a lot. But same deal, see the signal, cant hear it.

The integra is in channels 1/2 of the 16 input channels, panned left and right and as I say just cycling though it’s demo.

I will say it’s safe to assume I do know my was around an analog desk, what to plug in where, inputs soloing all that good stuff. No I have no idea what light sounds like (made me chuckle)…but I do know what sound looks like as it triggers leds on it’s way round the busses.

Firmware is the latest, I tried on the rev that it came with and when I got no sound that was my next port of call, so…1.73 now.

I do know this is a tough ask, and again, appreciate the help.