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Hi cornelius78, once again thank you for your attention to details. It’s a delight to read you.

Just a couple quick questions…

Bear in mind that in a live situation you probably don’t want too much compression in monitors (particularly wedges) as it’s a recipe for feedback. What you could do is channel>fx bus>input A of MX400 (compressor) > output A of MX400 into input B of MX400, then Output B of MX400 return to Zed10. That would effectively get you compression followed by reverb on a single channel. It all depends on which channels you actually want to have which FX applied.

For a live solo classical guitar scenario without backing tracks…
I do not understand how an effect could be sent differently from processing (Compression), from a single signal processing unit like the MX400. How is it possible that the Compression will be at the front of the chain and the Reverb at the end?

Further more, “feedback being a known issue” in stage monitors, is there anyway that I can, with my 3 QSC K10 setup, avoid feeding the stage monitor with Compression, but leaving other effect such as Reverb and Chorus (for solo classical guitar input mic to a channel).

On a slightly different topic…
I am eye balling this ZED-10 on an Ebay auction in Japan.

Here is the description of the Item:
Condition: New

Manufacturers Part No. ZED-10
Shipping Weight 4.8 Kg
Handling start date at 2010/6/11

This product is available in Japan. Almost products have Japanese in its instructions or contents. Please understand that for your shopping. Also, when you buy Japanese electric products from us, please make sure about Japanese electronic equipment. The voltage and the plug vary across countries. You may need the electric transformer and the conversion plug to use that kind of the products.

Check Plug/Outlet Type in Japan here.
Voltage, Frequency and Plug/Outlet Type in Japan – Treehouse Cityguide

I’ve asked the seller details about the Main power specs of the unit but he couldn’t answer me. They are selling a lot of stuff and there is a language barrier…

I wanted to ask you:
Does A&H ZED-10 ships to all country with the same POWER AC MAINS IN ~
100 – 240V~ 47-63Hz 15W ?

Do you think this could be a problem?

I live in Indonesia, 100-240v 50Hz do fine as the power voltage here is 230v.

Thank you
Best Regards.

EDIT: Do you think the Bezel would be in Japanese (I doubt)?
Also, what do you make of the 2010 date as a reference (from amazon) in the product description, was there any revision done to the ZED-10 since 2010?
Is there any issue that you see with that date?

Thank you