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From Users Guide, Chapter 8.11 “Mute and DCA Groups”:

DCA Groups – A DCA (Digitally Controlled Attenuator) provides remote control of the levels of the channels assigned to it. Unlike a stereo Group, audio does not pass through a DCA Group. Instead, the audio levels are controlled at the channels by information sent from the DCA master.

The DCA master Fader adjusts the level of assigned channels at their channel fader point and before the Pan control. This means that post-fade levels to the LR mix and effects are adjusted. Pre-fade monitor sends are not affected. The fader adjusts from fully off to +10dB boost. A channel can have a maximum +10dB boost including its own fader and control from any assigned DCA group faders. When a DCA fader is at its ‘0’ position it has no effect on the channel levels. This is the typical starting point when working with DCA Groups.

A VCA would be a Voltage Controlled Attenuator, used in analogue desks for similar functionality.