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Hmmm…I had a similar problem in the last few days with.

Mixing for a small festival. 4 bands a day.

I made a festival setup with everything patched and saved that scene as starting point for each band.

In the scene safe menue I saved the main l/r and mono bus, talk back, smaart channel…
And I saved the aux-busses for the monitoring, so that GEQ and stuff stay at the latest setting (so that refinements are not reset to the start scene).

In the aux-safe list I un-ticked the “levels” field, so that the levels sent to the monitors are saved and recalled as intended for each band.(what parameters are exactly safed under levels…I have no idea as the manual is…really really really bad)

But: After Soundcheck for each band, when I recalled the starting scene the levels from the channels to the auxes were not changed back to the starting scene!