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In the “scene safes” section, the “FX” section deals with the actual settings on the FX unit: whether it’s a reverb or a delay, its pre-delay, decay time, HF rolloff etc.

The “FX send” section deals with the FX send master and its associated level and mute settings.

The “FX return” section deals with the stereo returns from the FX processors: their peqs, levels, mute status etc.

The send levels for individual input channels feeding buses (ie how much of your lead vocal channel is being sent to the fx send bus, which feeds the FX processor) are attributes of the individual input channels, not attributes of the buses (be they auxes, subgroups or FX sends) you’re feeding. As such, as Dave said, the input channels (or at least the “routing” parameter of the relevant input channels, which includes the routing assignments, send levels and pan to buses (different to LR pan) need to be recallable: NOT safed.)