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I’ve just had a similar issue with mine. I set up the levels, did a sound check so the band were ready to go. we had ten minutes to kill before the start so i pluged my phone into channels 15&16, as soon as i pressed play it just chucked out ear piercing white noise. I muted all the channels and it was still there, so again not an input problem. I thought then, if i recalled a scene it may reset itself but all it did was to reload the settings inc the master volume and blast out the white noise again. then as quickly as it started it stopped and never repeated itself during the gig.

I’ve spoken to A&H and they think its a fault with the DSP board so the desk is currently away getting looked at.

The funny thing is the desk is only 6 weeks old and 3 weeks ago i had a similar problem where it seemed to get itself into an fx loop and that ended up taking out 3 speaker drivers. Now at the time i thought it was something i had done wrong having just converted to a digital desk but now I’m sure it wasn’t, i was only mixing 1 guitar and 1 vocal mic.

Lets see what the outcome is when it returns, if they find the fault then great otherwise I personally don’t think its fit for purpose.