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Is anyone else seeing a rotation bug in Qu-You 1.70 for Android? When I launch in portrait mode, there are four controls in a 2×2 arrangement. When I rotate to landscape, there are four controls in a 4×1 arrangement, as expected, When I rotate back to portrait, I get two stretched controls and blank space, rather than the screen going back to the 2×2 arrangement.

If you are also seeing this, can you please report it to tech support? I sent screenshots showing the very obvious bug, but tech support implied it won’t be shown to developers unless others report the same problem.

(This is rather counterproductive, in my view, as a former software developer. If there is clear evidence and reproducibility of a bug on a particular platform, I’d want to know about it, since that bug may be less reproducible or manifest itself in less clear ways on other platforms, requiring a longer investigation cycle. I get the concept of shielding developers from every report that comes in, but a glaringly obvious, clearly documented and displayed UI bug… pass it along… you’ll be doing the devs a favor.)

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