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MG’s are VERY bottom of the barrel, very poor EQ and generally dark as in “M” for “Mud”.

There are many mixers in that price range that are sonically clearer. In fact, just about every other mixer in that price range is a better choice.

I would avoid 15″ speakers and go with a pair of powered 12’s, something that will mate up with subs in the same line, system crossovers built into the boxes. That way if a sub or two loom in the future you’re ready to plug and play with no tech hassle.

I would again encourage you to stop with the “watts” thing and focus on usable SPL and coverage. Something with 90 degree or a tad wider coverage would be good and they should be able to do 125dB long term with peak power output of 130dB. That’ll allow for some headroom so you won’t have to run everything full-out to be heard.

Tripod stands definitely. Get the speakers well over the punters heads if the ceiling height allows.

Around here, rental companies sell off their stock annually after the first of the year and there are good deals on 1-2 year old cabs in good shape for great prices. It’s a seasonal/business thing.

Here’s the usual take on driver size:

15’s are heavier, bulkier and less clear than 12’s. I have lots of both and the 15’s basically sit until someone needs to rent big wedges. 12’s are less heavy, generally clearer sounding and take up less packing space. There are also a lot of folks using powered 10″ tops from the QSC K series.

Buy good used rather than bottom line cheap new. Do not buy from a “music store”.