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yeah, Yamaha Magic with 456W continuous output power along with 74W power consumption on the input (I know the number is to be taken by eight, just couldn’t resist)… 😉
If I were that band I’d start with some borrowed gear to see how that fits to music, venues, practice, target audience, transportation, handling, storage etc. If that’s the dealer recommendation, he probably has something similar to try and if it fits and the band decides to buy it, no cost for renting. If it does not fit in either direction you may have spent some bucks for experience but then you know better about your needs.
I’m really wondering why nobody asks for the type of music and which parts of the band need amplification. That’ll be the key fact in my opinion.
If only vocals and acoustic guitars need to be amplified, the DBRs are probably overkill. If they intend to amplify the drumset (to have a nice punch from the kickdrum) as well, an additional subwoofer has likely to be added to the list. But then they’re probably too loud for small locations and will encounter feedback trouble when using the PA for monitoring as well.
Same whether you go active or really decide to go passive (with crossover, separate amp for subs along with all the cabling).