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Dick, here is a bit of friendly advice… Let the word “Dick” become known as your name and not an attribute. I could easily criticize your post(s). You are not using proper grammar in all cases. I could also criticize how you are failing miserably in your attempt to come across as some sort of intellectual on a mixer forum (really?) I am not impressed in the least. The OP’s original post is titled “passive v active speakers for a gigging band”. In this context, anyone with entry level knowledge of PA system concepts would know what is meant by “watt”, “W”, or “wattage” regardless of which term is used. That is common sense. In fact, even the “Pros” interchange those terms all the time. At any rate, you are beginning to come across as a cowardly keyboard warrior. Those blokes who like to hide behind keyboards and start trouble for no apparent reason. “Troll” is another term used. That is a bad reputation to have on any forum. From a forum perspective, that is bad for A&H business. It adds no value, and can quite possibly scare off potential customers. What I do if I feel a particular post is not worth my time or effort, is I simply ignore it. That said, if the OP’s question bothers you, move along and let others who are willing help him. Time is a precious thing to waste.