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Nicola A&H

Hi Larry,
Sorry no one got back to you on this one before. As Jeff said in another thread, if you require technical support you should contact our local distributor for assistance or submit a ticket to our UK Support team here:

Looking at the MIDI protocol though, channel assignment to a mix is not supported. I can only see channel assignment to the Main mix. However you can control the send level so you could set the send to -inf or 0dB if that’s any good for your application? This would be:
B0 63 20 B0 62 2E B0 06 00 (sets ch 1 send to Aux1 to -inf)
B0 63 20 B0 62 2E B0 06 6B (sets ch 1 send to Aux1 to 0dB)

I’m using B0 since the default MIDI ch on iLive is 1 (from memory).
Also note that 2E corresponds to Aux1 only when using the FOH-LRSub Template Show. The Snd identifier in the MIDI protocol depends on the bus configuration so in your current Show 2E might point to a Group, or a Matrix etc. – see the MIDI protocol for details.

Hope this helps.