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Pit Lenz

When going virtual, do you lose your sends or your returns? Still led signal indication in your SG master channel inputs?

The way I have set up my system goes like this:
In my Soundgrid connections window I open four tabs and assign I/O ch 1-40 to my daw computer (back and forth) and ch 41-64 to Soundgrid (also two ways).
That keeps the first 40 of the 64 channels for recording and virtual soundcheck and the last 24 channels for Waves plugins.
In my GLD’s I/O window (I/O port out tab) I assign he first 40 channels to the channels’ direct outs. Important: choose the d-out source point from directly after the head amp.
Then I created two scenes:
One that connects all of my channel inputs to the XLR sockets (called live gig), and one that connects them to my I/O input ports(called virtual I make these connections in the I/O screen window.
When I save these two scenes, I recall filter options (blue button) of both of these two scenes and block (red buttons) EVERYTHING except the input source, found in the “other”- tab.
Now, recalling one of these scenes will ONLY change the input routing since everything else is blocked from being recalled.
After being done with the virtual soundcheck, I switch back to “live” and store that as a new scene under a new name.

That has worked for me, hope it can help with your setup, too.