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I can understand what you’re trying to do and Nicola explained to you exactly what to do.

In your initial post you cited p. 56 of the manual or something like that, but there are many different versions (PDF’s), so you need to say WHICH version of the manual you are referencing. That said, you are looking for the instructions for “Channel Routing”. In one version of the manual it is under section 6.8, in a later version it is under section 8.8. Either way the directions are the same.

I think you are looking for specific instructions for the ME system, but ME is only one of the applcations for the direct outs, so the instructions and labeling will be a bit more general. Suffice it to say that the selection menu for the pick-off point of the channel direct outs governs the feed for the ME system aa well as the Mixes. This would seem to logically follow since the function of both ME and the Mixes would be for monitor purposes.

Use the first screen which appears when you do channel select > routing button. This will be the screen with the pick-off selection menu. DO NOT press the Fn button after the Routing button. That is one screen too far.

And remember:

Channel ME outputs follow channel Mix output selections. There will be nothing specifically labeled “ME DIRECT OUT”.