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You can, (you can also send auxes to groups too,) but you can also also use a geq directly on the subgroup, no need to route it to an aux. The LR mix also has its own 28-band geq too. However, using a combination of these geqs, in addition to the group’s/aux’s/main’s/mtx’s peqs, still aren’t a proper substitute for the 24/48dB-per-octave slopes found on a dedicated XO. Even if they were, you still have the potential issue of an improper scene/show recall nixing the settings (the chance of which increases dramatically when you’ve got over-helpful volunteers and/or multiple people controlling the console via ipads.)

You might get OK-ish XO results using a combination of the onboard eqs, but you’ll almost certainly get better and safer results using a dedicated XO. For the sake of 1RU and a few hundred dollars (and if the OP already has the speakers and XO from the previous system and this is an upgrade rather than a brand new install, then there’s no extra cost to keep the existing XO,) I’d be keeping speaker management out of the FOH console. By all means use the onboard eqs for a FOH eq, but I wouldn’t trust the safety of the FOH speakers to them.