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Routing the main (or any) mix to multiple outputs on the GLD is easy (IO button,) however the the eq control is specific to the mix, not to the physical output. Whatever eq you apply to the mix will appear at every output to which that mix is routed. The ilive has a speaker management fx that can do what you want, but that hasn’t been ported to GLD.

As tenderboy said, you can you mtxs with the relevant eq routed to separate outs, but as he points out, the eq doesn’t have as steep filters as a dedicated XO would. Although you could get creative and send LR to a channel and use its HPF to help (you can get a 24dB BW filter on it, though no option for a LR filter) that won’t help when you need to LPF that mix: you’re still limited to the channel’s eq.

Rather a strong case can be made for NOT using the console as an XO. A badly-recalled scene with the wrong safes, or a factory reset etc could destroy your XO settings, and could be bad for the speakers and peoples’ ears. If the desk needs servicing etc, unless you get another GLD in to replace and have the scene backed up, you’ll need another XO and you’ll have to dial it in again anyway.