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Yes – both ends got repeatedly ${epletive}ed.
I’m just going to run some long extensions and plug into a different room I think – I’ll unplug a till and use that socket…

There is one venue we regularly play at, and they just disable the relay for us – the “warning” light still comes on, so I make sure that stays tolerable and the power isn’t cut. Nice and easy.

But when you aren’t told about it’s existence, and are then lied to about the level whilst in a set (it was tripping power at about 100dBA peak – reference, my ears, comparison with measured* weekly church volume as well as basic physics: The speaker spec suggests a max of 121dB on axis at 1m. Well – they were nowhere near their limit, the sensor was at least 5m away and the spec also claims a continuous output power of 300W from an electrical input power of 110W, yeah right…)

*Measured, not calibrated, although comparison with a calibrated meter a while back was good.