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Hi guys
Sorry, I misled ye. We have it connected from PC USB to QU-24 USB-B port, not ST1 or ALT OUT.
It was all working fine 3 weeks ago as per below Audacity setup, but then 2 weeks ago we noticed the meter wasn’t even showing any level when we pressed record in Audacity and the recording came out extremely low and very muffled. I’m thinking perhaps someone inadvertantly changed one of the settings in Audacity ?

How to setup the Computer to record and play from QU-24:

Setup the QU-24 to stream to the Computer (from USB-B)
1. On the QU-24 press the Setup button -> IO Patch -> USB Audio
2. Set channel 1 to LR – L
3. Set channel 2 to LR – R
4. Everything else doesn’t matter as we won’t be using them.

Setup Audacity to record using Windows Direct Sound Driver:
1. Open Audacity
2. Select the input device to Windows Direct Sound
3. In the second dropdown list select QU-24
4. In the third dropdown list select 2 Stereo
5. In the final dropdown list select the sound output device (most likely QU-24)
6. Hit record.

Setup QU-24 to play from the computer:
1. Select the processing tab for ST3
2. Select the Source Button to open the mappings.
3. For ST3 change the input source from “LOCAL” to USB.
4. For the global USB setting change it from QU-Drive to USB B Streaming.

Setup the computer to play to the QU-24:
1. Right click on the sound icon in bottom right hand corner and select “Playback Devices”
2. On Device marked QU-24 right click and select “Select Default Device”
3. The option “Select Default Communication Device” doesn’t really matter as that basically tells communication programs like skype what device to use which doesn’t apply to us.