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GCumbee, Interesting post and i mostly would agree with what you say. Analog and digital sounds different, and many would say analog sounds better. It all depends on how you use it though. You can make both sound great or really bad.
But in any way, digital consoles are a great thing for live sound and i wouldnt want to miss them!
All this has nothing to do with the topic at hand though 😛

mervaka, You might be right. I would still like to hear an official statement.
I havent heard the new compressors yet, since i havent worked with a GLD recently.
All im saying is, quite a few companies use the Plugin Interface of famous gear (la2a, 1176, etc) but that doesnt mean thats the way it sounds. They often sound very different. But its what consumers like to see. Also it does tell the consumer what type of compressor to expect.
The GLD already had several types of compressors per channel (slow rms, punchy, etc) but they all had the same interface. why would they change the algorithm of these?