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Dick and Bob, your help has helped me sort out my USB-B woes, but now I have another issue: when I was using the cakewalk as an external soundcard, I had to cut and boost (read, pull back the band, increase the speaker’s fader; not talking about gain) whenever someone tried to speak over top of the band. While the band does an OK job of pulling themselves back, I know it’s my job to perfect it. Our wireless mic (yes, we have just one) has never been an issue, just our two (again, yes, just two) FM mics, until yesterday morning.

All three were substantially quieter online than ever before. I’m thinking it’s because of the audio card installed in the computer that’s just not of the same quality as the cakewalk (it has gain and compression) and needs to be replaced to improve performance.

Does this make sense to you? If so, what audio card brands do you recommend?