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Update: it looks promising.
I lugged my G5 PowerPC desktop, screen and a bag of assorted bits & pieces up to the venue I freelance at occasionally before it got busy tonight.

Set up my computer rig and plugged the USB cable into the QU24 then the Mac.
Booted up Logic and yes, the QU24 interface was recognised!!

I created 24 audio channels, hit record and let the computer start streaming in 24 channels.
(NOTE: the software defaults to 44.1 and nothing got recorded the first time I tried this. Once I went hunting for the audio settings for recording & changed it to be 48kHz, subsequent tests all successfully striped audio to the HD. If anyone experiences audio not being recorded to HD, check that the session has been correctly set to 48kHz)
No crash. Excellent!
Plugged a mic into the console ch1 and did ye olde “1…2…” soundcheck and saw that there was audio reaching Logic.
Tried the same with 2….nothing.
Tried 3….nothing.
I had to then pack everything up & put it away in order to set up the stage for the open mic & jam night, so I couldn’t troubleshoot.

So the good news is that the QU24 is recognised by a Mac running OSX 10.4 (tiger) with the core audio protocols that were kicking around way back then.
It *should*, therefore, be possible to use an older PowerPC for multitrack recording with the QU24 as the AD-DA converter (once I work out why I was only getting an audio signal in one channel – probably all DAW inputs were set to be 1 – user error)

Hmmm……methinks I need to break open my piggy bank 😉