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I don’t have a direct answer for you; perhaps an A&H engineer will address the problem. However, let me make some comments for your consideration.

Inside a cave, you may encounter drops of water falling from the area above the mixer. You probably should work under a plastic tent or lean-to, so that water droplets don’t fall on the mixer.

The most serious problem occurs when water condenses on the electrical connections within the mixer, leading to short circuits. This happens when the mixer components are significantly cooler than the surrounding environment, such as when you move from a very cold area into a warmer one. So the problem may arise when you leave the colder, high-humidity area. To avoid condensation issues, be sure to give the mixer a lot of time to return to ambient temperature and for condensate to evaporate.

Inside the cave, the mixer will generate some heat, and that may prevent condensation from forming, but when you leave that cooler area, that is when you may have a problem.

Just some thoughts.