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The issue would be the latency.

My “small” setup is a QU16, with a quad channel headphone amp, and a 4 channel mixer (one musician uses a stereo IEM, so we use this as a headphone amp – the diddy Yamaha desks are exceptionally good value for this).

We also run three wedges (IIRC one of the headphone amp channels is empty normally)…

Drums/Bass/Guitar get a wedge each off Mix1-3, and I control those from the iPad (desk stays on stage)
3*Vocalists get mono IEMs that they can control, although they get help from me (much less now as their mixes stay basically constant between venues)
1*Keyboard(and Guitar) player gets Mix9/10 via a Yamaha desk

These last four all have QuYou apps available. In general I don’t need to do anything for them any more (except the lead vocalist who can get a bit lost – normally because he wants everything louder, so I tend keep an eye on his mix for clipping, and make subtle adjustments as needed)

Normally I run the show from an iPad (or two) and I also have IEMs, a UHF pack which I plug into the AltOut and feed with PAFL.