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The only one I am aware of for less money is the Berry system – although that would require a 16 Channel input device, and would be limited to the outputs you can spare on the QU.

IIRC the Stageboxes are also Aviom compatible.

If you want to look at what I consider to be the next level up look at the Roland M48s – their biggest advantage is that they can be controlled from the console – or mirrored to another M48 sat by the monitor station. That means the mucisians can get help with the mix.

My solution is to use QuYou apps, and a decent headphone amp (would be really nice if the stagebox had selectable (physically or electronically) headphone amp to power IEMs directly – but it’s alot of hardware for a rare use case (although maybe the first 4 could have them?)

The cost is minimal, most musicians have an android/iOS device available, and they each get a mix to control, and you can intervene as well. That option is ONLY offered to musicians with IEMs.