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Not sure this is related but only issue I have ever had with 2412 was on July 4. Getting ready for riverfront concerts and fireworks. 12,000 people coming. I had a power light but no sound. QU16 seemed ok. We tested the CAT cable with Ethernet tester. It showed ok. I tested the power distro the city had installed. The one by the console was 124VAC. The one by the stage box and power amps was 104VAC. There were 2 on stage. Other was 124. We swapped them and got the 124 on the box and amps. Everything worked fine. No more problems.

So check your power. These things just don’t like low voltage. I have seen this with other gear over the years. Also on high power I have seen up to 130+VAC and gear would get hot and thermal protection shut it down.