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Hi there,
sorry for my bad english… i´m from germany.
i have the same problem with my AR2412…

i use a GLD-80 with an AR2412 and AR84 for a touring band doing FOH Sound and 5 Stereo InEarmixes from FOH.

This summer we play a lot of festivals in Germany.
One Day two weeks ago we go on stage with all our stuff, plug everything like every day but there was no connection to the AR2412. The fan was working, but no LEDs flashing on the front.
If only i connecteed the AR84, in less than a second there was a connection to the GLD. So the Cat5 Cable and the GLD were ok.

We changed power cables, power on, power off, changed power sources, with or without powerconditioner and so on at the AR2412…
But only the fan was still working.

It is very bad if you stay on stage, the crowd in front of the stage are going crazy because the band does not start their concert, the time is running, and today you have to mix the headliner of the festival and the band is the reason for all the people to come to the festival. Only because one most important thing, your AR2412, does not work your are near to a heart attack. And you can not change to the local mixing desk because you doing crazy things on the GLD (thats why i use and love it) and you can not transfer this in a short time to the local mixing desk.
So you have to think about the fine if you can not play the concert.

Suddenly the AR2412 works, nobody knows why, no one takes his hands on it in this situation – happy we do a super fast Signal-Check and start our concert with 30min delay.
The next days the AR2412 works with no single connection problem.
I had the same problem 3 monthes ago with another band, but there i had a lot of time before the show, only 14 Inputs, no cracy things in the GLD – possible to switch on another desk. But there after 10min the AR2412 worked…
And one day in my warehouse the AR2412 does´t worked. In this moment i was busy with other things so i give it no attention and after some minutes the AR2412 runs… and i did not worry about it…
But now i think, after three times, there is a bigger problem with it. The AR2412 is in service now by my local dealer and we got a brand new AR2412 Crome for Backup to play the rest of our concerts for this season without fear.

Maybe the problem depends on the latest firmware update? Or is it the powersupply? I am very excited about what the problem is …