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I’m wondering if it make sense to send signal to stage monitor wedges with post-fader bus? I know that usually it is done with pre-fader bus so FOH and monitors are totally independent. However, when mixing FOH and monitor on one console, I found more and more they need to be related.

First of all, more than often musicians on stage are complaining they cannot hear some part of the band. If I set all the fader in the post-fader bus to 0, I can gave them a good foundational mix just like FOH. This sometimes is enough for them because when the band rehearse, a single speaker with good mix works for all of them.

Secondly, when an instrument needs to be adjusted in some part of the music, for example guitar solo, the monitors are automatically taken care. So I don’t have to go to each monitor bus and do the same. The moment will be gone If I do this with pre-fader bus. I found when a member took the lead in a part of the music, everybody follows him, so everybody needs to hear the lead more at that moment.

Last but not the least, I can always gave them more me or something using the +10 range of the fader/knob in the bus.

In this way, each monitor won’t have a chance to get into a very bad mix that is simply a miss. Will this work?