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Okay, thanks for wise-ass remarks, I can take it.
I’ve been doing this a long time, trust me, and I do “mix with my ears”.
My point being, when you’ve got 16+ inputs going, and something is sounding funky, I think it is helpful to have a quick reference of what is happening on a channel without having to put the headphones on and solo.
That’s all, just a nice feature.
I’m not ready to dump my Qu-16 or Qu-32, but was impressed with the Midas.


Not trying to be hard on you, but to compare RTA and FFT for utility is like bumper cars to Formula One.

With a scrolling, real time FFT display you can look at the effect of your channel EQ adjustments individually or paired with another channel, as a group or part of the entire mix. You can also do this in the headphones, but you cannot do it with RTA.

I’m not against using visual cues in conjunction with listening, but they should be useful cues. RTA is just WAY less useful and for me less useful than headphones and experience.