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It would be kind of like playing a video of Cindy Crawford or insert your on beautiful movie name and then trying to get you video switcher or cameras to make your person look like that. It is totally different for just about everyone. There are some basic tonal guidelines but I can have 10 people singing and will have 10 different EQ settings. Maybe slightly different but maybe radical. I know what I want to hear. Some mixers don’t have a clue. But, I have been doing live, recording, TV sound for over 40yrs so it makes a difference. That is why I build a system now that sounds as good flat on the board as I can get it. That way only minimum channel EQ is needed.
I know that really doesn’t help and it’s a common problem. I go to a small church that I designed and installed. I don’t run sound. I let their team of young folks do it. They usually do pretty good but occasionally I cringe at something like a little low end ringing on the pastor and I want to get up and go say ‘can’t you hear that?’ I have talked with them about it and tweaked the board after church a few times just blind knowing where the problems were. I think it maybe time for a training session.
It is just that some people who want to help just don’t know good from bad and aren’t musically inclined. They want to serve but are not cut out for it. Tough call.