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No problem.

1- its a 1/8 inch to rca cable to a rca to 1/4 plug, coming out of an old android phone, into channel 16. I could hear it when other bands were playing also. Not just MP3.

2- It’s a DBX 234xl. Xlr’s from LR of the qu16 to inputs on the DBX running stereo out for mains but mono for subs. XLR’s to crown power amps for mains, then one xlr to left sub input, one xlr from left sub output to right sub input. All cable lengths are the same for mains, 25 ft to left sub, 25ft to right sub.

3- Speakon Cables out the back of the crown power amp XLS2500 to right and left mains. 50 ft. then daisy chained to top Main with 3 ft speakon.

4- Polarity it is then