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Nicola A&H

Hi Tim,

I can see a couple of issues with the file you posted:

– Level. The signal you are recording should read around 0dB on the Qu meters, if this is the case I’d expect a reading of around -20dBFS on the audio track. Your track has peaks at around -35dBFS instead, so check your gain structure.

– Further to the above, try normalizing the file to 0dBFS, you can do this with free software (like Audacity) or using any DAW (such as Reaper, Pro Tools etc).

– Bitrate. This mp3 has been encoded at 32kbps which not surprisingly causes a number of artefacts and degrades the sound quality. For speech, try encoding at 192kbps or higher. For music programme you might want to go higher.

The next step would be to use compression (either in the mixer or post-processing the audio file) to reduce the dynamic range of the signal.

Hope this helps.