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OK, those shows are not on the mixrack nor on a fairly new R72 surface.

I found them on a USB stick so I must have copied them from an iLive system at some point.

The FOH-LCRplus template replaces the Sub control with a Blend control so you lose the “aux fed” Sub bus.
I guess you could use a mono aux like in the old days if you want both.
I can confirm that the normal LCR mode will send signal to only the Centre bus if you have pan central, thus you can only send each mono channel to a maximum of 2 main buses at a time (L&C or R&C). If you need to feed all 3 from a single input you need LCRplus.

PM me and I can send you the template shows if you want them to play with.
Scratch that, you can get LCRplus from Setup – Mixer Config in the menu, mix config tab, MAIN drop down option.
No need for the template shows.