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Since the samplingrate question is discussed plenty of times, just some points to consider:
– Except for philosophical standpoints a samplingrate above 48kHz make limited sense in terms of relevant audio quality for the human ear.
– Running a higher samplingrate within the DAW makes some sense since this will simplify correct operation of some VST instruments (i.e. virtual analog synths) or effects and enhance precision of filters.
– 48 or 96kHz are useful if you’re producing audio for video.
– If you’re targeting CD, your final samplingrate need to be 44.1kHz. If your “soundcard” only supports 48/96kHz your DAW either needs to be able to resample on the fly (not necessarily the best option) or you’re producing at 48/96kHz and convert when exporting the final files.
– If you’re targeting CD and prefer to run your DAW at a higher samplingrate, 88.2kHz would be your choice.
– Downsampling a finalized 48/96Hz file to 44.1kHz is an extra step but nowadays should work without significant drop in soundquality. Directly exporting to 44.1kHz from a 48/96kHz project may have some surprise…

I’m producing audio (no VST instruments) at 44.1/48kHz for some decades now and never saw a big need for higher samplingrates.